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We love feedback from our customers.  Below is just a sampling of the kind words they share with us about Two Rivers Candle.

One of the cleanest candles I have ever burned

(April, 2022) "I received my first Two Rivers candle as a gift. I had never heard of this company but I am an avid candle lover/burner especially in the fall and winter. The scent of my candle is lemon-verbena. It has just the right amount of fragrance, not overwhelming like some candles can be. You can tell right away this is a quality candle, from the packaging to the weight and sleek look of the pots they are in.

I was very impressed as this candle burns so evenly, no rim is left unburned, the wick doesn’t drown in the center of candle. I haven’t had to touch the wick? Not sure how that’s possible? This is one of the cleanest candles I have ever burned. No soot seen while burning or when put out.

After burning this candle for several nights I decided to research who makes them/where do they come from? To my delight they are made right here locally! This company strives for a clean burning candle and they have succeeded! They have 'blown me away!'"

-RDC, Chicagoland area


A Simple Little Escape

(November, 2021) "Hi Candus, it's a bit silly to share, but coming home and lighting our Saffron and Tobacco candle and displaying it on our Two Rivers Butcher Block is like a simple little escape.  The scent fills our home and our teenagers even love the smell as it wafts up to their rooms while they're doing homework.  It's funny how just lighting a candle can transform the mood from hustle-and-bustle, to relax-mode in the home." 

-Chris & Carrie D., Naperville, IL


Expertly Made for a Perfect Burn

(August, 2021) Two Rivers Candle Co. is an excellent candle company. They are well made, to the point that they burn all the way around the container. The scents of the candles are incredible!  My favorite scents are Lemon Verbena & Thyme, Coffee Bean & Cacao , and Chocolate & Honeycomb. Everyday I light a candle up and the scent is just right. I recommend buying from this company. The maker, Candice puts her heart and soul into making these wonderful candles. :)



The Smell: So Good!

(December, 2020) They smell REALLY good!!!

-Nick S.