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Candle Care and Tips


Follow these tips to enjoy your Two Rivers Candles...

1.  Burn your new candle 3-4 hours after lighting to prevent tunneling.  Burning times less than the recommended 3-4 hours will produce "hang up" in the candle jar.  Subsequent burns will may then stop where the original melt pool stopped.

2.  Before each burn, trim cotton wick to 1/4" or to the thickness of a USB device for a wood wick.  Keeping the wick short will give you a cleaner burn, extend the life of your candle and allow the candle to burn evenly.  A long cotton wick will "lay" to one side producing uneven heat distribution and potentially damage / break the glass.  A long wood wick will smolder and not product the normal teardrop flame.

3.  Keep your burning candle out of drafts.  You will achieve a cleaner even burn.

4.  Place your candle in a location away from flammable items.  The first burn of a wood wick will produce a larger teardrop flame that will decrease in size after a few minutes.

5.  The candle containers clean very easily with warm / hot water after your candle is gone.  Repurpose the container as you choose.

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